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DB E10 ExpertLine

The package contains the first version of the German Einheitslok E10 from the 1950s. Six different versions of the electric locomotive E10 are included in this packagetogether with two versions of the 1st class coach A4uemg and the dinning car WR4uem.
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DB E40 ExpertLine

The package includes six different versions of the German Einheitslok E40 together with two different types of freight wagons from the 1950s / 60s.
Price €19.29
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DB BR120 IR ExpertLine

The package includes a driveable version of the BR120 in orient red and the driveable driving trailer Bimdzf IR. Three coaches with a passenger view from type 1st class Aimz, 2nd class Bimz and IR dining car ARkimbz are included too.
Price €20.97
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