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DB BR103 LH ExpertLine

The package includes the vehicles used for the Lufthansa Express from Stuttgart to Frankfurt in the early 90s here in Germany. The coaches are rebuild Eurofima coaches with a special Lufthansa interior. The included 103 102-2 was the only BR103 coloured in the special Lufthansa livery.
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DB BR103 VRot ExpertLine

The package includes the BR103 in traffic red colour. An unusual colour scheme for this machine.The modelrailroad manufacturer Roco paid the paint in the year 2000  and made it possible to show the BR103 in traffic red.
Price 14.24
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DB BR103 Touristik Express ExpertLine

The package contains the Touristik Express used by Deutsche Bahn in the year 1995.The complete train is painted in five diferent colours which should show  the elements water, earth and air.The package contains the BR103 220-0, the passenger coaches Bvmkz and Bpmz and the dinning car Wrkmz.
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DR BR243 ExpertLine

The package includes the DR BR243 of the Deutsche Reichsbahn from  former GDR together with the coaches Ame, Bme and Wrge in Staedteexpress colours.
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DB BR120 Bpmbdzf IC ExpertLine

The package includes a driveable version of the BR120 in traffic red and the driveable driving trailer Bpmbdzf IC. Two coaches with a passenger view from Type 1st class Apmz and 2nd class Bpmz are included too.
Price 20.97
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